Leak Detection Service


You can purchase the Top Dog Home Pro Leak Detection service online and we will reach out to book your roof inspection. The cost of the leak detection product includes a one-time full roof inspection and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If we find any roof repairs, roof damage, or issues, the Leak Detection cost is applied to the repair. For example, a $400 repair would cost $301 after the lead detection fee is applied to the repair.



Leak Detection Services for roof leak inspections! Here at Top Dog Home Pro, we offer our exclusive Leak Detection Service that guarantees a full roof inspection, complete with a written report and photos.

Roof leaks can be tricky to spot, diagnosis, and repair. However, with the Leak Detection Service by Top Dog Home Pro of Northern Virginia, we apply the one-time cost of the leak detection to your roof repair bill. Roof repairs can range between $250 and $1,100 on average compared to a new roof, which can start at $8,000. We can also help you spot any room damage or other issues while working with insurance when applicable.