Raindrop Gutter Guards (Installed)


You can purchase Raindrop Gutter Guards (with installation, this is required to purchase from Top Dog Home Pro) at $20 per linear foot. This means that if you need 50 feet of Raindrop gutter guards, you will select 50 as your quantity. The price displayed is per linear foot.



Raindrop Gutter Guards | Gutter guards are designed to protect your gutters, but not all are created equally! At Top Dog Home Pro, we only install Raindrop gutter guards, which are self-cleaning surface tension guards. Some cheaper gutter protection items actually cause more issues and need to be cleaned. Raindrop gutter guards are priced per linear foot and are designed to only let small items in that can be washed away with the water in your downspouts. You don’t have to worry about birds nesting in your gutters.


raindrop gutter guards

Additional information

1 Linear Foot

One linear foot of Raindrop gutter guard is installed and provided at $20.00 per linear foot. Estimate your linear feet needed and select that quantity. For example, if you need 100 feet of gutter guards installed, select 100 in the quantity option.