Each spring and even into the summer, here at Top Dog Home Pro we get quite a few calls regarding damaged gutters.

Sometimes gutters are damaged because of the Northern, Va storms during July and August, or the occasional tree limb falling on top of your gutters.

However, most of the time, when we visit a home, the real reason for gutter damage is often due to clogs from improper gutter maintenance!

Cleaning your gutters or having the right gutter guards installed is vital to keeping your gutters not just lasting longer, but functional!

Today we will explore why it is vital to complete gutter maintenance and answer the question, “Why is gutter maintenance so important?”

Why Gutter Maintenance is Important:

Have you noticed your gutters overflowing?

This could be due to clogging, rust, leaks, or any number of gutter related happenings.

While we will explore what happens when gutters are not properly cared for, improper gutter maintenance can lead to staining of your siding, wood siding rot due to repeated dampness, shingles inside the wall cavity or an increase of termites and other creepy critters making their debut.

You gutters are designed to do the following:

  1. Take rain from your roof during a storm and collect in your gutters
  2. Channel that water to the downspouts
  3. Let the downspouts displace the water in designated areas away from your home and it’s foundation!

The rain gutter system is very integral to protecting your home’s exterior and it is also very easily compromised if not maintained.

Typically in the later autumn months leaves fall in more seasoned neighborhoods with established trees and foliage.

Leaves and small branches can quickly collect in your gutters and can create a blockage, especially around downspouts. Blockages lead to backups, and when he water can’t drain properly it will either overflow or even pull your gutters away from your home over time.

This is why it’s important to check your gutters after the last leaves fall around November and even again in the spring!

However, there are also great options for gutter maintenance that don’t involve you calling a gutter cleaning team or doing it yourself (such as Raindrop self-cleaning gutter guards).

Image via Shack Shine

Common Gutter Issues:

A few leaves, a few storms, and like that – all of a sudden your gutters can easily pull away from your home.

These are not scare tactics but it happens quicker than you might think. Things like leaves and birds nests clog gutters very easily and water that doesn’t drain is extremely HEAVY.

Older gutters that used gutter spikes and not the Top Dog Home Pro screw-in hidden hangers are more susceptible to pulling away and falling.

Common gutter clog issues include:

  • Ground and landscape erosion from the overflow
  • Pooling around your home’s foundation
  • Gutters loosen from the fascia
  • Rotting fascia boards
  • Siding leaks
  • Insect and mosquito issues

How to Perform Gutter Maintenance:

Proper gutter maintenance isn’t that hard and really you have three options:

  1. Clean them after all leaves have fallen in the fall
  2. Have someone clean them for you
  3. Get self-cleaning gutter guards (or next topic, but you can read whether or not they’re worth it here)

If you decide to go with option number 1, maintaining your gutters yourself, here is what we recommend:

  1. Get a bucket, gloves, and a ladder.
  2. Place your ladder at one end of your gutters
  3. Use your hand to scoop debris and leaves from gutters and place in the bucket
  4. Move ladder every few feet – DO NOT LEAN
  5. Repeat around the house until gutters are clean
  6. Lastly, spray water into gutters to clean out the small stuff and to make sure downspouts drain

We personally recommend that if you decide to clean your gutters on your own, that you are aware of the risks involved with ladders and gutter cleaning.

Ladders especially on two plus floor homes is dangerous and you should exercise safety!

Of course, the long term option is to simply just get self-cleaning gutter guards!

What about gutter guards?

Some homeowners are very reluctant to install gutter guards because of negative past experiences!

We get it, what is the point of having gutter guards if they don’t work or they themselves have to be cleaned??

This is why we recommend that if you do want to get gutter guards, make sure they are self-cleaning.

At Top Dog Home Pro of Woodbridge and the surrounding area, we believe in efficiency and working smarter. The gutters we have installed for you have already added protection and value so why not make upkeep easier while we are at it?

We have teamed up with Raindrop to offer you the best gutter guards for your needs.

With the gutter guards you will:

  • Save $$$ without having to worry about cleaning your gutters
  • We offer a lifetime NO CLOG warranty
  • Improve gutter water flow
  • Add fire protection
  • Alleviate ice dams and gutter freezing
  • Avoid mice and other insect infestation
  • Stop blockages
  • Prevent premature rust and corrosion

Image via Raindrop

Final Word on Gutter Maintenance:

When it comes to your home, as silly as it may seem, you can’t afford to NOT take care of your gutters.

Gutter maintenance is vital for protecting many aspects of the exterior of your home – from the foundation to landscaping, all the way to siding leaks.

If you have ever visited our Facebook Page, you will see a few videos of where clogged gutters have literally eroded and damaged paved driveways over time!

And while water may have carved out the Grand Canyon over the years and the likelihood of that happening at your home is slim to never – we do want to help you protect your house so don’t hesitate to inquire about outfitting your home with new gutters, gutter guards, or even asking about gutter maintenance.

Need help with your roof, gutters, or siding? Let’s chat.